Cost of Services

Solutions For Life charges a rate of $125 per hour for individual therapy sessions. And $225 per hour for Psychiatric services and medication management. If you do not have medical insurance you will be assigned a fee rate based on our sliding fee scale which considers the income of all household members and number of qualifying dependents living in the home.

It is your responsibility to pay your fees on time and on a regular basis. We are a non-profit organization so your fees are necessary for us to continue to deliver services.

We do not deny services based on someone's inability to pay. However, we will not provide services to clients who simply refuse to pay. In order to qualify for our sliding fee scale you will be required to show proof of income at your first appointment. If you do not provide the documentation, you will be charged the full price of services until your income is verified.

Necessary documentation for establishing sliding scale fee amount:

  • Proof of income for all household family members (if applicable). This can include the prior year’s W-2 tax form (first page of 1040) and a month’s worth of paycheck stubs. An unaltered bank statement may also be acceptable so long as income can be determined.

For clients with insurance: It will be the client's responsibility to provide all insurance information to Solutions For Life at the time of intake.

We cannot complete your application without the above documentation.

If you do have insurance coverage for mental health and/or substance abuse services, contact your insurance provider to find out:

  • If you must have pre-authorization for your visits
  • What is your co-pay
  • Do you have a deductible